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Nicolaus Copernicus Biography

Born on February 19,1473
Died on May 24, 1543

Nicolaus Copernicus was a famous Mathematician And Astronomer Nicolaus was the person who formulated the heliocentric model in which, he placed the Sun as the center of Universe instead of Earth. He was born on February 19,1473 Torun (Kingdom of Poland) and Died on May 24, 1543 Frombork (Frauenborg, Kingdom of Poland) 

He studied in University of Padua(1501-1503), University Of Ferrara (1503 -1503), Jagiellonian University (1491-1495), University of Bologna (1496-1500).

Famous Work
Heliocentric Model 
Copernicus' law

Research Field
Mathematics, Astronomy, Canon law, Medicine, Economics.

Barbara Koppernigk,
Niklas Koppernigk.

Famous Books
De revolutionibus orbium coelestium(1543).
On the revolutions of heavenly spheres.
Published on his Honour.
  • On the revolutions copernicus.
  • Minor Work.
Nicolaus Copernicus In A&E Biography of  the millenium.
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